Join us for an inspirational event! Vancouver’s first The Awakened Man event is here for 2016!! Get Access Now! The modern man is gearing up to step into greater realms of truth. We are providing a platform that empowers men to awaken courage, vulnerability, and inner power. Creating a safe space to have an authentic dialogue around engaging topics that bridge the gap between men (and men), as well for men (and women).  Awaken a new level of authentic power personally and professionally.  The AWAKENED MAN is loaded with practical tools and teachings for both men and women that will awaken your relationships to reach the ultimate levels of connection.  Connect with other healthy masculine men, Enjoy 5 high performing World Class Mentors. engaging exercises that get you out of your seat to connect with others and awaken Greatness. Women learn how to connect with the awakened man and dance in an energy that raises you both up.  

The Awakened Man is the sculptor of his own reality.
A powerful New Warrior.

IT’S TIME! This spectacular event invites you to awaken and reconnect to your authentic self.  Learn how to explore a deeper relationship with your Inner Power, be INSPIRED, awaken your GREATNESS, explore your PURPOSE, lead your relationships and business to Higher levels of SUCCESS. Join a community of highly influential men and women who are here to make a difference!  


Get ready to EXPAND your awareness, CHALLENGE your fears, STRIVE for more, EXPLORE the possibilities and UNLEASH your ultimate potential.  We will dive deep into the following topics:

  •      Leadership – Awaken Your Power
  •      Emotions – Living your Authentic Self
  •      Advanced Communication (speaking your truth)
  •      Sexuality & Relationships – Step into your power and take your woman/partner deeper
  •      How to work with the Masculine/ Feminine Energy to explore your strengths and deepen your relationships with others.

 Let’s explore what’s possible with The Awakened Man and transform this world together!  Join Us!