Satyen Raja – The Path of the Warrior Sage

Satyen Raja, founder and president of WarriorSage, is a living synthesis of Eastern wisdom and Western practicality, combining the power of the warrior and the wisdom of the sage.

He is a lifetime black belt Martial Artist and a penetrating real visionary who compels his clients to harness their greatest obstacles and transform them into their most powerful gifts. Satyen draws from the realms of unparalleled techniques of life mastery, his profound life experience, and his natural ability to navigate beyond societal, cultural and conditioned identities to attain peak consciousness.

A master in a plethora of healing and consciousness raising modalities, Satyen is unique in the world of business and life coaching. His revolutionary methods attract CEO’s, Entrepreneurs and High Level Leaders from around the world. His provocative methods combined with his dynamic personality and passion for accelerated evolution create fundamental breakthroughs both for the individual and corporate culture. For all those who have had the great pleasure of his presence, he is known to be a man who most definitely walks his talk.

Satyen has invested over three decades on hands-on research and he has led workshops for tens of thousands of individuals internationally in the art of ‘true power’. Satyen’s dramatic style is not for the timid. Through his teachings, your weaknesses become strengths… Quickly!

Satyen teaches with clarity, power and provocation. In his presence you are compelled to search within and to draw out your latent abilities. Through dynamic examples, compelling stories, mind-expanding experiences, spontaneous humour and proven practices, Satyen motivates, provokes and inspires you into accepting and cultivating your own greatness.

Satyen’s focus on bringing the teachings into your physical body and into your real life, rather than just lecturing, sets him apart from other teachers and empowers you to make lasting changes in your life.

When Satyen leads, he holds nothing back; he gives you all of himself. Satyen masterfully uses his unique gifts to bring your fears and your unconscious self-limiting patterns to the surface and then resolves them fast. Using his intuition and his experience, Satyen ripens you by exposing your deepest heart and gifts. He sees you at your core and takes you past your edge where real transformation takes place.

If you are seeking real change, the Path of the WarriorSage, although not for the timid, is deep, fast and razor effective. This level of spiritual practice is intense. You must be willing to go into the fire and grow your heart. Satyen offers this opportunity for transformation out of his passion to help you awaken. Satyen is the teacher for you only if you are seeking real change.

In this episode, Giovanna interviews Satyen Raja, a black-belt martial artist and a true Warrior Sage of sex, power, femininity, masculinity, and more. During their intimate conversation, both Giovanna and Satyen explore the disparity between male and female leadership, the importance of presence versus invitation, the fragile magnetism between the sexes, the three sexiest words a man can say to a woman, and much, much more…

  • Discussing The Warrior Sage
  • Satyen is originally from Toronto, but now lives in Vancouver
  •  Discussing Satyen’s experience as a black belt martial artist
  • Satyen felt like the world he was in wasn’t real
  • Satyen studied with Shaolin Monks
  • Satyen studied martial arts for more than 20 years to become a black belt
  • “It continues to be a journey of learning to master the self…and serve others”
  • There are many Warrior Sage influences that have shaped Satyen’s career
  • Currently a Blue Belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
  • Just because you’ve grown strong in some areas, doesn’t mean you’re strong in all areas
  • The path of the Warrior Sage is a path of equilibrium
  • We all have an incessant and worrisome quantity of fear to deal with
  • Women in leadership versus men
  •  This world his highly masculine
  • The masculine represents the “witness consciousness”
  • 95% of the business world is rooted in the masculine identity
  • The feminine energetic is the LIFE within us
  • Presence is masculine, invitation is feminine
  • Women in leadership go too far into the masculine energy, leading to exhaustion and breakdown
  • Reclaiming the self-empowerment is exhausting
  • The business world is too goal, too “crush-it” oriented
  • We need to better channel feminine replenishment
  • Discussing replenishment in greater detail
  • Look at your body and identify where the tension is
  • The core of why we have tension is because we’re infusing far too much “worth” into things that don’t actually matter
  • Loosen up the tension of control, let go
  • If you need to pick up sand from the beach and take it somewhere—how would you carry it?—too tight and you squeeze it out, too loose and it slips away
  • The warrior sage finds the balance
  •  Female Leaders Versus Male Leaders
  •  Female leaders need much more feminine replenishment
  • Love and connection are two of the highest values for every woman
  • It is only from the freedom and love we have NOW that we can achieve more love and freedom
  • “When you want what you already have, you start getting more of what you want.”
  • Men need to realize they are greater than this illusionary game of “win versus lose”
  • The money you have in the bank, and your professional success, do not equate to personal worth
  • Don’t fill your life with more “doing” in the search of fulfillment—it does not work
  • Your way of being in the world, your lack of “spaciousness,” manifests as illness and degeneration in the body
  •  Let’s talk about SEX
  •  The demand of masculine success crushes and dries out the feminine heart
  •  Communal enjoyment is a massive part of feminine replenishment
  • Generations model their approach on the success of the previous generation
  •  The ones who’ve made it by “crushing it”? Look at their lives behind the scenes…it’s not so glamourous
  • Switching gears for a woman who’s been in “crush-it” mode all day and getting into the feminine mindset is essential to the physical and emotional health of the relationship
  • How Satyen (and his wife) shift gears and get out of “Crush-it” mode
  •  Men need guy-time, women need girl-time
  • Men and women are like magnets—there is a naturally strong attraction, but if paired together for too-long (if denied guy-time and girl-time) the magnetism wanes
  • The passion and the sizzle will diminish
  • Treat the relationship in a “physics” manner
  • It’s about preserving “hey-lover” instead of “hey-buddy”
  • The masculine and the feminine are polarizing
  • Expand your art of transitioning between masculine and feminine
  •  Being wishy-washy isn’t sexy
  • The 3 sexiest words a woman can ever hear from a man are “I got this”
  •  Go beyond the comfort/safe-zones (assuming you have a safe-partner) to inject zest and life into the relationship
  • Tips for creating spaciousness
  •  Have a girlfriend (or yourself) go to a lingerie store and choose the underwear for you to wear…tell them to pick something that will “shake up your life, get out of your comfort-zone”
  • When you’re putting this lingerie on in the morning, go through a sexual, music fueled routine as you get dressed
  •  A lady in the street, but a freak in the bed
  • During the self-pleasure ritual, do it in devotion—someone or something you’re devoting the ritual to
  • look for the private invitation list

3 Key Points:

  1. A relationship is like a handful of sand—held too firmly or too loosely and it slips away.
  2. When you learn to love what you already have—a job, a relationship, a family, etc.—you get more of what you love.
  3. Tension is derived from investing too much worth into things that simply don’t matter.

Resources Mentioned:

The Warrior Sage – The Warrior Sage Brand

Satyen Raja – Satyen’s personal website