Born in Uganda, Africa to parents who had made their way from India, Satyen Raja lived in England for a time as a child, then moved to Canada. Married 28 years to Suzanne Raja, his wife and also his partner, they have 2 children as well. Satyen is a black belt, entrepreneur, author, trainer, visionary, life architect, and more.

Prior to founding Harmony Integration Academy, Satyen created and ran a variety of highly successful companies, including martial-arts schools, as well as a multimillion-dollar personal growth global enterprise known as WarriorSage.

Satyen’s broad knowledge and mastery of therapeutic and spiritual modalities have resulted in enormous success. He recently, after 34 years of full-time immersion practicing and researching, took time out to further hone his knowledge and mastery and take therapy and spirituality to another level. The result is the Harmony Integration technology. Harmony Integration goes to the core of your obstacles and problems, and dissolves them deeply, thoroughly and fast.

Satyen’s passion is centered around what the underlying wisdom is that ties in sex, power and money together. How can we master them rather than them becoming our downfall?

Listen to this episode to hear Satyen talk about his phenomenal success, passion and how to reinvent personal harmony with sex, power and money.

In This Episode

1 – Kobe Retires; What The Hell Is Perkins; Minnesotans And The Mall Of America
2 – Warrior Sage – Sex, Power, Money; Warrior Is In Our DNA
3 – What Must You Do To Die Complete? Purpose Of Money Is To Purchase Life Experiences
4 – Put Your Passion First In A Relationship; Passion = Polarity; The Arc Of Passion