EP155 Satyen Raja On The Path Of The Warrior Sage

Put simply, this episode is about high quality showing up. Satyen Raja is a relationship expert, leader of leaders, and adoring husband and father. We touch on each of these roles in this interview and I invited him to take us the deepest around relationships and personal integrity. We talk about earning things from the school of life, true leadership, the relationship between action and wisdom, short term thrills vs long term aliveness, sexuality as a divine aspect and the deepest terrain of devotion, and shifting from a remedy mindset to an evolutionary mindset. And for those who are just as interested in feminine and masculine energetics as I am, you will LOVE his description of the feminine and masculine triads. This will be one you want to listen to more than once and invite your loved ones to join you for. I can’t wait to hear what you think!

About Satyen Raja:

Satyen Raja is the founder of the WarriorSage Group of Companies – umbrella of Ignite Passion Now, Harmony Integration Academy, The Find YourSelf Journey, The Unforgettable Challenge. Through Ignite Passion Now, Satyen, his Wife Suzanne Raja have made it their mission to put a dent in the divorce rate by helping couples ignite their passion, for real, through live interactive entertaining experiences. Harmony Integration Academy is the premiere Coaching training utilizing the latest breakthrough innovative processes ,for those who want to make the deepest and fastest positive life transformations with their clients and themselves,while building a 6 figure plus income. The Find Your Self Journey are Elite Epic Adventure Tours of a lifetime,to exotic lands for persons of influence, desiring their next level of fulfillment, accomplishment and self discovery…. in Indiana Jones style! The Unforgettable Challenge is a one day mental, emotional, physical and spiritual challenge that eliminates the grip of fear and unleashes one`s true invincible power. A challenge shrouded in mystery and world famous in reputation with over 10,000 successful grads ,whom many claim has saved their lives for real.

In this episode, Satyen Raja shares:

1. Silent Power – what it is and why it’s a great alternative to the loud and forceful power we’re used to as a culture

2. Learning to lead from the “wobble”

3. Different flavors of love

4. When ferociousness is holy and sacred

5. Feminine and Masculine Triads

What You’ll Hear:

4:27 On willingness and having capacity + cultivating silent power

15:25 Combining action with wisdom + fully living

22:30 Feminine and masculine triads

38:43 The spirituality of martial arts + making the warrior useful

49:47 The opportunity to lead within the wobble


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