Awakened Intimacy is for accomplished leaders either in a relationship or single who want deeper into love and erotic ecstasy!

This 3 day retreat is the ultimate enlightenment for relationship that unleashes your sexual life force because we guide you through an initiation of the hidden laws of sacred intimacy so you can live a life of orgasmic vitality.

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Enlightenment Through Divine Relationship

What if there was a way to live and lead so that the obstacles that threaten your full greatness were revealed to be the very catalysts to your effortless mastery in all things?

Dear Friend,

Let’s face it. Most relationships have become boring. They lose their spark, their juice and their energy (assuming they had any of those elements to begin with).

The reason is simple; most people have lost touch with their higher selves.

Consequently their relationships are based in fear, control, obligation, and the need for approval. In short, their lives are run by the ego mind instead of the heart. But there is another way...