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Alchemical Executive

An Exclusive Invitation to Enter a New Era of Leadership

For all the talk about leadership today, most everyone ignores the fact that the only measure of effective leadership is engaged followership. And we’re not talking about dumb, charisma-blinded, worshipful, zombie kind of followers. No, the kind of followers that matter are smart, competent, and powerful individuals who choose to follow a worthy leader.

So, you have to very carefully consider this question, “Why should anyone choose to follow you?”

With enough money for good salaries, you’ll attract high-level followers; but money isn’t enough to unlock their full potential and passion.

So what would it take to get followers to show up fully and be switched-on, responsible, creative, courageous, self-aware and guided by integrity?

The bottom line answer is that you can only draw these people into your sphere if you are a leader of this exact caliber. So we invite you to look at yourself and ask, “Am I the kind of leader that would attract the kind of followers that I want to be with?”

You are the key factor in attracting and retaining remarkable team members, and they will show up when you are the kind of person they want to align with and follow.

The problem with almost every leadership and executive program is that they teach transactional, temporal and traditional approaches, tools and processes.

Of course strategy, decision making, operational excellence, negotiations and statistics are important skills. But these skills alone DO NOT give you the attraction edge to fully engage and unlock high caliber followers.

In order to do that you need to go further and deeper than traditional executive education. For that, you have to empower and align your mind, heart and gut so that you’re deciding, relating and thinking with uncommon clarity, creativity, flow and passion. We call this experience the alchemy of wisdom, love and courage.

You, as a business leader are de facto shaper not only of your company, but of society. Your choices, your actions and your decisions affect humanity. Beyond your employees, beyond your customer. Beyond your supply chain. There are consequences of production and consumption that ripple out globally. No executive can stand alone anymore as a profiteer of his or her own business.

When you live from the interconnectedness of all of life, you move beyond the kind of ignorance that has such destructive consequences around the world today.

The Alchemical Executive is a movement bringing together a very new kind of extraordinary business leader. Wise. Respected. Supremely effective. A champion of the human spirit.

Alchemical leadership transmutes the base inner material of individuals, teams and organizations into their highest potential and expression.

Where your followers and your enterprise are a mirror of your inner world, it is our calling and our responsibility to transmute ignorance into wisdom, anger into heart-courage, and greed into love.

Our Workshop is an intimate, high-touch gathering of a maximum of 12 hand-picked extraordinary executives who are wholeheartedly committed to both growing their business and devoted to creating a better planet...

Following is a summary of the disciplines of The Alchemical Executive. These are the disciplines we learn and practise, the very choices that we make that unlock our transformation and become the magnetic force that draws toward us the kind of followers we want to be with.

This is how you and your organization will benefit directly. And how you will unlock the magnetic force that draws toward you the caliber of followers and teams you most deeply desire.

  • 1. Be Accountable

    Develops: Maturity. Result: Reduction of Ego

  • 2. Assess your leadership

    Develops: Self-Awareness. Result: Evolution.

  • 3. Practice vulnerability

    Develops: Humility. Result: Deep Connection.

  • 4. Play without feeding habits

    Develops: Relaxation. Result: Calmness

  • 5. Experience solitude

    Develops: Deep listening. Result: Clarity.

  • 6. Embrace diversity

    Develops: Valuing uniqueness. Result: Appreciation of others.

  • 7. Commit to your spirituality

    Develops: Surrendering, letting go. Result: Peace of mind.

  • 8. Find a mentor

    Develops: Sharp thinking. Result: Wide perspective.

  • 9. Engage in skillful conflict

    Develops: Courage. Result: Intimacy.

  • 10. Embrace your shadow

    Develops: Honesty. Result: Interior freedom.

  • 11. Discover your passion

    Develops: Self-connection. Result: Empowerment.

  • 12. Accept your calling

    Develops: Faith. Result: Wisdom.

  • How you will benefit

  • How your team benefits

  • How your business benefits

  • What you will walk away with

Asset 103

Alchemical Executive

MAY 27 - 29, 2020
Private Retreat
Vancouver Area, Canada
Tuition: 10k USD
Let's skip the middle man. To see if this is for you and to secure your spot, call us directly:

The Facilitators

Founder & CEO of WarriorSage
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Founder & President of Sagatica
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Founder & CEO of WarriorSage

Satyen Raja is known as the private transformational mentor, advisor and confidant to the powerful and influential. A living synthesis of eastern wisdom and western practicality, Satyen combines the power of the warrior and wisdom of the sage to inspire audiences & leaders worldwide into their highest impact and personal fulfillment.

Having invested 35 years of rigorous study & practice in both creating enlightened business growth and developing higher consciousness, he is the leading authority on expanding success while serving the greater good without sacrificing the joys of personal life.

Satyen has impacted over 100,000 students from over 50 countries around the world through his global human potential company, WarriorSage. Satyen leads private one-on-one retreats for CEOs, high impact individuals, executive teams and is a corporate cultural advisor and trainer for elite companies. Satyen’s fearless and heartfelt style transforms your limitations into strengths and your life into peak existence.


Founder & President of Sagatica

Eric Kaufmann’s passion is Executive Development. His book, The Four Virtues of a Leader: Navigating the Hero’s Journey through Risk to Results, teaches the essential virtues shared by successful, passionate, and creative leaders and how they navigate through uncertainty and anxiety. As an Executive Coach, Consultant, Speaker and Author he partners with leaders to go below the surface and beyond the obvious so they can think more clearly, make better decisions, and relate wholeheartedly.

Eric’s work is shaped in the crucible of his journey which includes 17 years of leadership coaching and consulting, management roles at Fortune 100 firms, degrees in business and psychology, thirty years of Zen practice, living in Israel and South Africa, teaching as a Master Scuba Diving instructor, working as a certified hypnotherapist, and meditating in a year-long retreat in an isolated cabin he built in the mountains of New Mexico.

Eric is President of Sagatica, an executive leadership consultancy, with his team, partner with leaders and teams at companies such as Verizon, SunPower, Dr. Bronner’s, Alcon, and Cymer. Eric blends strategic thinking with Zen practices to unfold a kind of thinking, deciding and relating the foster excellence along with personal or organizational evolution.

Eric is a Fellow and Thought Leader at the Institute of Coaching through Harvard’s McLean Medical School, a speaker for TEDx, and, while writing additional books, contributes to publication like, Training Magazine and Conscious Media Magazine.