Attain new heights of inspiration and impact sourced in revolutionary depths of inner freedom, peace and self mastery.

WarriorSage Offers The Only High Level, Bespoke Transformational Mentorship That Combines The Power Of The Warrior and the Wisdom Of The Sage To Attain Full Spectrum Peak Existence.

“Satyen Raja is THE BEST trainer I have ever experienced in terms of teaching students how to access their full power."
T. Harv Eker CEO, Best-Selling Author, Speaker
“Satyen Raja is a gifted mentor, coach, spiritual teacher, guide, and brilliant advocate for anyone who has the good fortune to work with him."
Lynne Twist Global Visionary, Author, Consultant

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Satyen has been featured in films, podcasts & events all over the world. You can listen to recordings here.
Here are just a few of the films and media he has appeared in.


WarriorSage was founded by Satyen & Suzanne Raja with the mission to ignite passion, live freedom and embody love. For 2 decades, WarriorSage has provided hundreds of trainings & workshops internationally teaching tens of thousands of students the Art of the Warrior, the Art of Sage, and the Art of the Lover.

Along with Satyen & Suzanne, the WarriorSage core team is Executive Liaison, Carollyne Tomsin, responsible for creating curriculum materials, managing client relationships and organization of events and Tim Thompson, Director of Media & Technology, creates and manages multimedia, design, communications & IT departments.

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In additon to mentoring Leaders, CEOs and high peformers, WarriorSage has other offerings such as Accelerated Evolution & Awakening of the WarriorSage trainings.



Satyen Raja, founder and president of WarriorSage, is a living synthesis of Eastern wisdom and Western practicality, combining the power of the Warrior and the wisdom of the Sage.

He is a lifetime black belt Martial Artist and a penetrating real visionary who compels his clients to harness their greatest obstacles and transform them into their most powerful gifts. Satyen draws from the realms of unparalleled techniques of life mastery, his profound life experience, and his natural ability to navigate beyond societal, cultural and conditioned identities to attain peak consciousness.

A master in a plethora of healing and consciousness raising modalities, Satyen is unique in the world of business and life coaching. His revolutionary methods attract CEO’s, Entrepreneurs and High Level Leaders from around the world. His provocative methods combined with his dynamic personality and passion for accelerated evolution create fundamental breakthroughs both for the individual and corporate culture. For all those who have had the great pleasure of his presence, he is known to be a man who most definitely walks his talk.

Satyen has invested over three decades of hands-on research and he has led workshops for tens of thousands of individuals internationally in the art of 'true power'. Satyen’s dramatic style is not for the timid. Through his teachings, your weaknesses become strengths… Quickly!

Satyen teaches with clarity, power and provocation. In his presence you are compelled to search within and to draw out your latent abilities. Through dynamic examples, compelling stories, mind-expanding experiences, spontaneous humour and proven practices, Satyen motivates, provokes and inspires you into accepting and cultivating your own greatness.

Satyen’s focus on bringing the teachings into your physical body and into your real life, rather than just lecturing, sets him apart from other teachers and empowers you to make lasting changes in your life.

When Satyen leads, he holds nothing back; he gives you all of himself. Satyen masterfully uses his unique gifts to bring your fears and your unconscious self-limiting patterns to the surface and then resolves them fast. Using his intuition and his experience, Satyen ripens you by exposing your deepest heart and gifts. He sees you at your core and takes you past your edge where real transformation takes place.

If you are seeking real change, the Path of the WarriorSage, although not for the timid, is deep, fast and razor effective. This level of spiritual practice is intense. You must be willing to go into the fire and grow your heart. Satyen offers this opportunity for transformation out of his passion to help you awaken. Satyen is the teacher for you only if you are seeking real change.

Suzanne Raja

Suzanne Raja is the embodiment of true Feminine radiance and of deep Feminine power. Simply being in Suzanne’s presence brings men into their depth and women into their natural glow.

Suzanne does not just practise what she teaches, she is what she teaches. Suzanne is Love.

Following a childhood in her native Jamaica, Suzanne formally studied and experienced traditions and teachings from around the world. She has taught on nearly every continent and in over 8 countries reaching thousands of students with the wisdom of openhearted practice.

To know Suzanne is to glimpse what is possible for your own life. Suzanne delivers teachings with exceptional intuitive perception and clarity.

Students do whatever they can in order to personally experience Suzanne as a teacher and as a mentor because of how deeply she connects and how gently she passes wisdom. Suzanne demonstrates that true power is subtle, and that it is possible for all of our lessons to come encased in Love. As our world heads into a new era, it is teachers like Suzanne who will lead the way.

Our mission is to mentor Accomplished Leaders into whole new levels of self-awareness, inner freedom and global impact.

Our mission is to help Accomplished Leaders refine their highest vision fueled by true joy, inner peace, fulfillment in the moment, with an unshakable sense of absolute equilibrium across their lives.

Your leadership will be purified, awakened & magnified, and your impact vastly amplified.

Our Unwavering Promise To You

"As an accomplished leader you will live the Deeper Path that’s calling you into richer wisdom, tranquility and enlightenment, while attaining your highest personal & professional goals - faster than you thought possible."

By mastering and embodying Full-Spectrum Peak Existence of the WarriorSage, you will:

1.Spark Deeper Love & Passion

by receiving precise and individualized personal relationship coaching that will electrify your intimacy for the best love ever.

2. Wield Effortless Leadership

by tapping into the path of least resistance for maximum influence, exponential results and harmonious wealth.

3. Enjoy Emotional Freedom

by releasing hidden patterns of suffering & struggle for living peacefully and fulfilled in the now.

See how we do it...


WarriorSage Offers The Only High Level, Bespoke Transformational Mentorship That Combines The Power Of The Warrior and the Wisdom Of The Sage To Attain Full Spectrum Peak Existence.

It is available for only a few accomplished leaders who are prepared to dive into the great mysteries of life as they stand at a new threshold of greater power and impact. They realize in order to achieve their highest visions and goals, they need to access and embody an even deeper path calling out to them.

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