My business didn't just grow; it quadrupled.

"Under Satyen's mentorship, my business didn't just grow; it quadrupled, marking a 400% increase in revenue, without sacrificing work-life balance. This expansion allowed us to double our team with 20 industry-recognized experts and achieve a 20%-40% increase in profit margins. Beyond financial success, my relationships have deepened, my health and energy have soared, and I now navigate life with a sense of knowingness and certainty."

Cynthia Davis
CEO / Radiant Blue

Enlightening, unifying and mobilizing leaders for higher purpose

WarriorSage Trainings Inc.

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The Executive BlackBelt Leadership & Team Development Training

We have developed and trained a team of highly skilled and proficient Leadership Performance Coaches, Trainers and Mentors. The Executive BlackBelt Ecosystem is designed to support organizations, leaders and executive teams with bespoke offerings that are designed for the unique needs of the organization. This methodology goes beyond peak performance strategies and brings entire organizations into the most optimal alignment and greatest performance.

Utilizing our well-honed systems and methodologies, and our extensive roster of Trainers, Coaches and Mentor; WarriorSage supports leaders and their companies with hands-on development of leadership skills, best practices and company culture that will ensure the vitality and alignment of their organizations.


The Transcendent CEO Mastermind

Welcome to the WarriorSage CEO Dojo – An exclusive mastermind of founder / CEOs who are personally mentored by Satyen to bring their whole life into equilibrium, peak existence and limitless potential. We meet on a regular basis for one on one coaching and mentoring, group masterminding and exclusive retreats. This is for accomplished business leaders who wish to take their personal and professional lives to whole new dimension of being as well as grow their companies sourced from deep purpose.


Transcendent CEO Interviews

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I have been personally working with Satyen for at least 15 years. He has been an incredible mentor to me on my journey of personal growth and leadership development.

As an entrepreneur, I have learned the necessity of devoting significant time to personal development because at the end of the day, I am the common denominator in everything that I do and every business venture that I pursue. Over the last two year, Satyen has taken a significant role in continuing to develop the culture of the company that I have built over the last 17 years. With nearly 200 employees, four subsidiaries, and a sizable leadership team, we have had to devote significant time and resources to development of our people. We build leaders in our organization. Leaders are not born, they are grown. Satyen’s contribution in our organization has been transformational on many levels. Our culture has become more defined, more refined, and more ingrained throughout the organization. The continuous leadership coaching and quarterly events that we hold with Satyen have been instrumental in developing key leaders in our organization and breaking through barriers that could have taken years to accomplish otherwise. We are truly grateful for Satyen’s commitment and devotion to the growth and success of organization.

Monte K. Lee-Wen
Founder and President, PPA Group of Companies

I’ve worked with many coaches and guides over these two years, Satyen continues to be the person I’ve most consistently gone to for guidance on all matters.

I found Satyen nearly two years ago, while I was in the midst of a mid-life crisis. A few months earlier I had essentially completely stopped working, having spent about 20 years working nearly 100 hours each week. The result was that I was among the most respected and prominent scientists in my fields (I span neuroscience and artificial intelligence), a professor in the top department, winning the most prestigious grants, and I never felt worse. I had spent months looking for therapists, coaches, trainings, etc. that would be able to support me to transition through this time, and then I found Satyen.
Satyen’s guidance was, and continues to be, transformative for my life and my work, as well as the life of my wife and my children. What I most appreciate about Satyen is the extent to which his being is aligned with his principles. I’ve found many spiritual teachers, consciousness practitioners, etc. Many of them are meditating on a mountain top, isolated from the realities of juggling having both a life purpose and being a devoted husband and father. Not Satyen. Satyen is proof of the possibility of doing it all: living according to purpose, being a devoted husband and father, and doing it all with consciousness and compassion. Satyen went through the fire, and was able to use that fire to deepen his relationship with his family, and amplify his ability to manifest his purpose. Though I have looked extensively, I know of no other person on the planet that I would say that about. And so that is why I continue to sit at his feet, as I was going through my fire, I was devoted to using that fire to deepen my relationship with my wife and children, and amplify my ability to manifest my purpose.
Two years later, I can safely and proudly proclaim that it worked. Though I’ve worked with many coaches and guides over these two years, Satyen continues to be the person I’ve most consistently gone to for guidance on all matters. My wife and I have birthed another child. My connection with my family, not just my wife and children, but also my parents and siblings, is stronger than ever. I devote more of my energy to purpose, saying no with ease to other things. The people that work for me are more successful and happier than they have ever been. Just this year we have multiple papers accepted at the best AI conferences (e.g., ICML), the world’s best scientific journals (e.g., Science and Nature Methods), and for the first time ever I’ve been interviewed by many national and international outlets about my work (e.g., NPR, MIT Technology Review). I recommend Satyen as strongly as I can.

Joshua T. Vogelstein
Associate Professor in the Department of Biomedical Engineering at Johns Hopkins University

Yes, my business grew and my income quadrupled, but more importantly, my relationships are more meaningful, my health, fitness, and energy is greater than ever...

As a successful CEO and business leader, you already know how to build and lead a team, achieve remarkable goals, and collaborate with others. Like me, you have already reached the top 10% of success in your field and you know you can easily have or experience anything you need or want. So, “what’s next”? If you are like me, the only quest left is the journey for deeper meaning, fulfillment, and balance in all areas of life – family and relationships, financial and business, fitness and health and faith and spiritual guidance. For me, I wanted all this and so much more. I had a deep desire to make a bigger impact for myself, my family, my community, and the world. The last thing I needed or wanted was one more personal development program, lessons from the latest success guru, another peak performance or life coach, or, worse yet, an accountability coach! The same old, same old just didn’t cut it anymore – all that seemed like pabulum and I wanted more – more depth, truth, and wisdom. Satyen’s connection is for those who, like me, are ready for and wanting so much more. During the time I worked with Satyen, it was like up-leveling my life from the “inside out”. My connection with self and a Higher Power became profound and everything in my life went from good – to great – to meaningful – to total peace of mind! Yes, my business grew and my income quadrupled, but more importantly, my relationships are more meaningful, my health, fitness, and energy is greater than ever and I live from “knowingness” and “certainty” versus uncertainty and speculation. If you know success as defined by most standards and yet have a deep desire for so much more, I know of very few who can deliver the depth and breathe in such a personal and experiential way as the WarriorSage, Satyen Raja! Enjoy the journey!

Cynthia Davis
CEO / Radiant Blue

Satyen and WarriorSage have easily been the most profound and helpful "tool" or "school" I've ever encountered.  Highly recommended.

I came into my mentorship with Satyen about half a year ago.  I find him to be incredibly intuitive, in the sense of always seeing me and where I'm at and knowing exactly what I need next.  I feel like I have dissolved various mental and emotional blocks, and have come into a much deeper sense of alignment and creative flow since beginning to work with him.  He is deep, knowledgeable, and masterful.  It has been an absolute pleasure to work with him and his team. Beyond Satyen himself, the CEO Circle that I've joined through WarriorSage has been hugely helpful in many ways.  Feedback, camaraderie, connections, opportunities, leadership and communications skills... the list is long. All together, Satyen and WarriorSage have easily been the most profound and helpful "tool" or "school" I've ever encountered.  Highly recommended.

Jon Slizza
Serial Entreprenuer

Satyen Raja is the leader for leaders, the CEO of CEO’s. Having proven himself in creating and running multiple successful conscious companies since his teens, he is the well guarded secret advisor, mentor and confidant to high power leaders.

If you want to go way beyond financial success and achieve a state of true power, real freedom and emotional and spiritual equilibrium, then seek him out. To work with him is to liberate your full spectrum of success…financial, family harmony, vitality and deep faith in yourself and the forces of life. You will surely move beyond your chaos, struggles and self imposed limits fast and very deeply. He is a true modern day Warrior and Sage and with his guidance you will be too.

Raymond Aaron
New York Times Bestselling Author & Founder of / The Raymond Aaron Group
Now Available

New Bookset by Satyen Raja

Transcendent CEO & Culture

This book is designed to be encountered as an oracle for leaders and CEOs - a compendium of instantly awakening jolts of wisdom.

You can open it to any page at any time and immediately apply what you read to your life.

Each page is designed to help you align your true inner being with your highest goals - and Source itself - so you relax into a state of liberating equilibrium and peak existence across all areas of your life.

Every CEO should read this book and keep it on their credenza as a reference manual for life and leadership.
- Nadia Bilchik, Former CNN Editorial Producer, President Greater Impact Communication

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